Shazam Reveals Mister Mind’s Greatest Weak Point

Of explicit notice is Sobek, a humanoid crocodile not unlike the beings who were members of the Pre-Crisis Monster Society. This Monster Society attacked the Black Marvel Family for not joining the Freedom of Power treaty, and killed Isis and Osiris, only to be destroyed by Black Adam, save for Death, who flees. In his hunt for Death, Black Adam destroys the nation of Bialya, earlier than defeating the final Horseman, torturing it for data, and killing it. Thomas’ thought of Mister Mind being a mutated tequila worm was not followed up on and he was given a unique origin in his subsequent look.

mister mind

He is on the run from a debt to a space crime lord named Boss Kack. Superman already had him in custody whereas avoiding Lobo and receives assist in getting away by the Space Cabbie. During a struggle between Lobo, Hawkman, and Superman, Mister Mind gets out of his containment and is lured out of the engine by the Space Cabbie wanting an image of him. After exiting the Space Cabbie’s house cab, Mister Mind finally ends up close to where Superman and Hawkman had been preventing Lobo. Reasoning that there’s enough of his physique to gather the bounty from Boss Kack, Lobo wipes his stays off his boot and cheerfully takes his go away without realizing that Mind had the flexibility to regenerate.

Black Knight: The Mcu’s Next Avenger Discovers A Stunning New Power

Booster hurls Mind backwards via time, where the Suspendium reverts Mind back to his larval type, and lands on the day after the top of Infinite Crisis, the place he is discovered by Dr. Sivana and sealed within the jar. The remaining 52 seconds of time are used to bind him in a time loop. Mind ultimately escapes, takes over Steel’s mind, and programs the robotic Mister Atom, another Marvel Family villain in Steel’s custody, to destroy the town of Fairfield, the place Billy Batson and Mary Bromfield lived with their adopted mother and father.

  • DC reset its comics’ continuity with the 12-issue miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985–86, and Mister Mind disappeared from DC publications for a decade.
  • But don’t choose him by his lovable appearance — both on the comics page or in the credit scene following 2019’sShazam!
  • He is defeated when Shazam destroys the Seven Deadly Sins and throws him into outer space.
  • He cries out for someone to help him save his family, saying that whereas science has failed them, magic could save them.
  • “The Monster Society of Evil” serial concluded with Captain Marvel Adventures #46 , during which Mind is finally captured, tried, and executed.
  • Of specific notice is Sobek, a humanoid crocodile not in contrast to the beings who were members of the Pre-Crisis Monster Society.

required Billy to study that he wanted different people in his life, going through off against a villain whose efforts are extra taxing on the mind would name upon him to make use of more judgment and thought than raw energy. Behold the best felony mind of all times, the villain who within the comics actually invented the tremendous-villains team-ups, the interplanetary conqueror known as Mister Mind… the little caterpillar you’ll be able to spot at the beginning of Shazam! He’s just a bug, okay, but there’s nothing laughable about this little guy. Once again, he’s back to fundamentals as a tiny worm, and once once more, he’s crawling round in people’s ears with designs on controlling them. According to Sivana’s copy of The Encyclopedia of Magical Monsters — which also gives his first name as “Maxivermis” — Mr. Mind’s goal is “nothing lower than consuming and controlling all the ability of the Magiclands.” Oh, and also that he killed King Solomon.

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